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PTA Members & Contacts

The PTA is very informal and meets once every term for a couple of hours, with events to take part in if you have time. It’s a great way to get involved and contribute to school life.

For details of future PTA events, please see the 'Academy Calendars' page of this website: academy-calendars


The PTA Committee comprises the following main roles: 

PTA Chair - Anna Crisp Dora Marlow Greg Lovell
Chair - Anna Crisp Treasurer - Dora Marlow Secretary - Greg Lovell


To contact any member of the Committee or to contact the PTA in general please use the following email address:

Class Reps

Class Representatives help keep parents and carers up to date with events that are happening in and outside school, as well as being a voice for families in The Dolphin School. They meet once per term with the Headteacher and discuss what is going well and areas for development. Their role is:

  • To provide communication between the school and families
  • Pass items onto families
  • Support families with friendship groups
  • Share ideas and areas for development
  • Be a link between the school and families

Current Class Reps are as follows:

Year 5  


Class Rep - Sophie Hamilton

Sophie Hamilton - Stingray


Claire Coveney

Claire Coveney - Stingray

Year 4  


Class Rep - Sarah Mellor

Sarah Mellor - Albacore



Charlotte Belling - Amberjack

Year 3  


Class Rep - Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman - Blue Tang


Class Rep - Ellie Spare

Ellie Eldred - Barracuda

Year 2  


Narzanin (Narz) Massoumi - Puffin


TBC - Penguin

Year 1  


Class Rep - Glen Maxwell-Heron 3

Glen Maxwell-Heron - Seahorse


Zainab wahid

Zainab Wahid - Starfish



Class Rep - Michael Gossage

Michael Gossage - Turtles



Saffron Karlsen - Turtles


Mark Sennett

Mark Sennett - Turtles


Nikki Renyard

Nikki Renyard - Octopus


To improve communication channels between the Class Reps, the school and families there are now email addresses set up for the class reps in each year. They are as below: