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Process & Timeline

Working together with governors, senior leaders and staff members, The Dolphin School has established a process and timeline for the consultation, below. Teachers and pupils from Colston’s Girls’ School have also supported the process by helping us to develop a broad resource of information.

A dedicated working party has:

  • Developed an online questionnaire to gather views from the wider community
  • Created information for parents and families to be informed about the issue
  • Developed teaching resources to inform pupils of historical information and opinions, and to develop an understanding of democracy

The working party will:

  • Collate the community’s responses to the open questionnaire
  • Facilitate a democratic vote within the school community
  • Create criteria for the name change/emblem change, if required
  • Create a long list of names and/or emblems for the Trust Board to consider, if required
  • Facilitate a second vote within the school community to choose a new name and/or emblem, if required



w/c 14th September

Stimulate thought and discussion through in-school assembly and information published on the website.

17th September

Open questionnaire launched on school website, inviting views from the local community and wider public via Microsoft Forms. This will close on 28th September at midday.

14th – 28th September

‘What’s in a name/emblem?’ lessons launched in classrooms. This will explore both sides of the debate. 

w/c 21st September

‘What’s in a name/emblem?’ online sessions for parents to explore and discuss background information and to allow families to voice their views and discuss with others.


28th September

Open questionnaire closes at midday.

w/c 28th September

Working party to collate responses from the open questionnaire and use to inform next steps.

w/c 5th October

Pupils, families staff and governors will vote on whether the name and/or emblem should be changed. Pupil vote will take place in school, in classes. Families and staff will vote via a Microsoft Forms survey link.

9th October

Vote closes at midday.

w/c 12th October

Venturers Trust Board will consider the vote and make a decision on whether to keep or change the name and/or emblem of the school.

19th October

Decision announced.

If the decision is to change the name and/or emblem, then the process will continue below:

w/c 26th October

The criteria for the name and/or emblem will be shared with pupils, families, staff and governors, who will be invited to share their thoughts and ideas.

A long list of names and/or emblems will then be created by the working party and shared with the Trust Board.

w/c 23rd November

The Trust board will consider the long list and reduce it to three names and/or emblems.

w/c 30th November

Vote on name and/or emblem opens to parents, staff, governors and pupils.

4th December

Online vote closes at 3pm.

w/c 7th December

The result of the vote is announced.