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Further information and links:

Please find further documents and links that may support you or your family to discuss this issue and form your viewpoint. 


Edward Colston: Why are people arguing about statues?

Anti-racism: What does the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' mean?

The Philosophy Foundation – Thinking Changing - Heroes


Parents and wider community:

9 June 2020 - An article that summarises reactions to the toppling of Edward Colston’s statute: ‘Bristol statue toppling: Who was Edward Colston and why did anti-racism protesters target him?’

19 June 2020 - Thangam Debbonaire interview, giving her thoughts about the toppling of the statute and the city’s relationship with Edward Colston and racism.

8 June 2020 - BBC article giving background information and context about Edward Colston asking the question: ‘Who was Edward Colston and why is Bristol divided by his legacy?'

Summer 2006 - The Bristol Art and Patronage article - pages 9 and 10 offer some interesting information about Edward Colston, his charitable work and how the city felt about him in his lifetime.