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Welcome toThe Dolphin

I am delighted to welcome you to The Dolphin School. We are a vibrant city centre school which sits firmly at the heart of its diverse community. We have an amazing brand new purpose built building which provides our children with an excellent place to learn and grow. Our rich and challenging curriculum focuses on using the local community to support our learning and our children regularly go into the community to find out more about the place they live in.


  • Some children in Albacore & Amberjack were lucky enough last week to go to to do some cooking and work with CGS teachers. They made delicious lemon cupcakes and fresh pasta! It was so much fun getting messy and tasting our own cooking! Read more June 22nd
  • Many thanks to GB Bobsleigh Olympian for coming in to see us yesterday. Children listened carefully to his messages about resilience and practised being the quickest class to climb on a 'bench bobsleigh'! Read more June 21st
  • Why is carnival special? Stingray had a great time making their costumes yesterday as part of their enquiry! We can’t wait to see them in action! Read more June 20th
  • Our Sikh festival in action! Delicious food, drumming and lots of our community dancing altogether! Read more June 19th
  • Puffin Class visited Bishopston on Monday 18th June. Each child was introduced to the children's section and took one book back to school which will stay in their classroom until the end of term. We were also treated to a great story about Vikings! Read more June 19th