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The Dolphin School believes that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. We give learners regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. This allows us to base our teaching on a detailed knowledge of each pupil.

Staff and children at The Dolphin School use assessment as an integral tool for day to day effective teaching and learning.  It is used by children to help them talk about what they have learned and what they might need to learn next. Teachers use assessment to create purposeful learning experiences to build on prior learning, target teaching to the needs of individuals and to measure achievement and progress over time. This is a continuous cycle that informs so much of what we do. Assessment can take many forms and ranges from ‘formal’ strategies such written work, photos, tests or observations to more ‘informal’ strategies such as verbal or written feedback during lessons.

Each year we have two meetings between families and teachers and one written report which discusses attainment and progress. We operate an open door policy and welcome families to come and speak to staff if they have any questions about their children's learning. We regularly hold meetings about different aspects of the curriculum and ways which you can support your children. 

Families are invited in for ‘Family learning conferences’ in October and February where you can discuss with the class teacher what your child has learnt and next steps. You will also receive a written report at the end of each academic year. You are welcome to speak to your child’s teacher at any point about their learning.

Please find below the powerpoint we used at our KS1 SATs family meeting to explore what SATs entails and how you can support your child.


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