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Meet the Team

Shelley Flanagan Head Teacher Shelley Flanagan
Kate Jenkins Deputy Head Teacher Kate Jenkins
Steve Lung Assistant Head Teacher Steve Lung
Sharon Degg Inclusion Lead Sharon Degg
Camilla Barrington Support Services Coordinator Camilla Barrington
Miss Adam Teacher Miss Adam
Miss Arias-Caballero Support Staff Miss Arias-Caballero
Mrs Barnes Support Staff Mrs Barnes
Mrs Barbour Teacher Mrs Barbour
Mrs Crisp Teacher Mrs Crisp
Miss Drage Teacher Miss Drage
Miss Guard Teacher Miss Guard
Mrs Gilchrist Support Staff Mrs Gilchrist
Mr Gruffydd Teacher Mr Gruffydd
Mrs Kantas Support Staff Mrs Kantas
Mrs Kaur Support Staff Mrs Kaur
Miss Marinelli Support Staff Miss Marinelli
Miss Martin Support Staff Miss Martin
Miss Matthews Teacher Miss Matthews
Ms Kendall Noyes Family Support Worker Ms Kendall Noyes
Miss Phillips Teacher Miss Phillips
Miss Pearson SMSA Miss Pearson
Miss Pursey Support Staff Miss Pursey
Miss Sharp SMSA Miss Sharp
Mrs Boon Support Staff Mrs Boon
Mrs Stimpson Teacher Mrs Stimpson
Mr Taylor Teacher Mr Taylor
Miss Walters Teacher Miss Walters
Mr Connor Dobson Site Team Mr Connor Dobson
Mrs White Teacher Mrs White
Miss Williams Teacher Miss Williams
Mrs Young Support Staff Mrs Young
Mrs Saddiq Support Staff Mrs Saddiq
Miss Watkins Support Staff Miss Watkins
Mr Daniels Teacher Mr Daniels
Miss Donnell SMSA Miss Donnell
Mrs Duqow SMSA Mrs Duqow
Mrs Durepurddi SMSA Mrs Durepurddi
Miss Estevez Cervera Support Staff Miss Estevez Cervera
Mrs Haque SMSA Mrs Haque
Mr Hollis-Pack Teacher Mr Hollis-Pack
Mr Lindner Teacher Mr Lindner
Mrs Siyaad SMSA Mrs Siyaad
Miss Sewell Support Staff Miss Sewell
Mrs Steele Support Staff Mrs Steele