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Mindfulness Parent/Carer Workshop

6th December 2018 18:00 - 20:00

These sessions will be to inform parents/carers about what mindfulness is all about and how they could help their children to develop mindfulness skills in a very simple way. These would include:

- Being mindful with the; soft presence, in a non-judgemental way and celebrate when children notice things

- Instead of labelling behaviours as good/bad we could observe a virtue or the energy of the thing they do

- Play with experiencing the senses and describing it, and getting involved (have fun!)

- Allowing for silence and unstructured play with open attention and curiosity. 

- Offering gratitude, and sharing what you're grateful for (you're really teaching me that...)

- Play "I wish....I'm so lucky!"

- Meditating together using resources, that will be provided