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Name and Logo Consultation

The consultation process has been developed to ensure that views from The Dolphin School community (staff, pupils, families and governors), and the wider community, will be taken into account. Whilst we are inviting views from members of the public via an online questionnaire, the final decision on whether to change the name and/or emblem of our school will rest with the Trust board, guided by the result of a democratic vote by the school’s families, pupils, governors and staff.

We believe that The Dolphin School is the heart and future of our community and we hope that this process will help to strengthen this even further. Applying our core values of ‘Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity and Resilience’, pupils will learn about Edward Colston’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, using age-appropriate materials, and they will hear the views and opinions of others in order to inform their own decision. It is an important opportunity for families to discuss this together and to explore positive ways to respect, support or challenge the views of others. 

At The Dolphin School we believe that our curriculum should be purposeful and relevant, based on the local community and the many cultures and faiths that we represent. We are proud of our curriculum, which we review regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and diverse, and that all pupils can see themselves represented in different lessons, no matter what race, ethnicity, culture or faith they identify with. We believe that all children from all backgrounds should have the same opportunity to succeed and an important part of this is having a healthy, truly representative curriculum.

Through this consultation process, pupils will develop their understanding of democracy and by putting this into practice, they will be part of shaping the future of our school. Thank you for taking the time to engage in this important decision.


Process & Timeline

Research Materials & Resources

Consultation Questionnaire

Looking to the Future

Once you have explored the information and resources above, please share your thoughts and opinions with us by completing the online consultation questionnaire.