Ethos & Values

A positive learning culture is evident throughout The Dolphin School and our values guide our vision and are embedded within the everyday language of our school.

TDS heart and future

At The Dolphin School our three core values underpin everything we do:

Work Hard

Our children, staff and families need to keep going when things are tough, mistakes are a way for us to learn. We are resilient and we keep trying when things are hard. We take responsibility for our shared learning, our equipment and our environment. We set goals and aim to achieve them by trying our best every day. We actively listen to each other and we try to manage our emotions by using techniques that help us.

Be Kind

All of our children, staff and families are respectful of each other’s beliefs, feelings and values. We make safe choices in and out of school. We show respect to everyone inside and outside of school. We speak to people kindly, we share our equipment with others and we work with others. Our school is special and we work together to keep it that way. We help people. We recognise others' emotions and show them empathy. We celebrate each other’s differences and achievements.

Have Courage

Our children, staff and families love to find things out, ask questions and be brave. We ask questions about our learning and show curiosity. We share our ideas with others. We make marvellous mistakes and learn from them. We talk to our trusted adults when we are feeling worried or upset. We are positive role models for others.