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Meet the Team

Kate Wells Headteacher Kate Wells
Steve Lung Deputy Headteacher and DSL Steve Lung
Sharon Degg Inclusion Lead Sharon Degg
Camilla Barrington Support Services Coordinator Camilla Barrington
Miss Pursey Administrator Miss Pursey
Mr Lindner Teacher Mr Lindner
Mrs Crisp Teacher Mrs Crisp
Miss Drage Teacher Miss Drage
Mr Gruffydd Teacher Mr Gruffydd
Miss Walters Teacher Miss Walters
Mr Mack Teacher Mr Mack
Miss Williams Teacher Miss Williams
Miss Gard Teacher Miss Gard
Miss Sewell Support Staff Miss Sewell
Mr Hammadi Support Staff Mr Hammadi
Mrs Saad Support Staff Mrs Saad
Miss Morrow Support Staff Miss Morrow
Mrs Barnes Support Staff Mrs Barnes
Ms Patten Support Staff Ms Patten
Mrs Evans Support Staff Mrs Evans
Mrs Kantas Support Staff, Music Therapist Mrs Kantas
Mrs Young Support Staff Mrs Young
Mrs Henderson Support Staff Mrs Henderson
Mrs White Teacher Mrs White
Miss Pearson School Meals Supervisory Assistant Miss Pearson
Mrs Haque School Meals Supervisory Assistant Mrs Haque
Mrs Siyaad School Meals Supervisory Assistant Mrs Siyaad
Ms Sultana School Meals Supervisory Assistant Ms Sultana
Yvonne Richards Catering Team Yvonne Richards
Ms Medina Pastoral Mentor Ms Medina
Ms Holmes Family Support & Attendance Worker Ms Holmes
Mr Kelly Caretaker Mr Kelly
Miss Johansson Teacher Miss Johansson
Miss Borrowdale-Cox Teacher Miss Borrowdale-Cox
Ms Rowland Teacher Ms Rowland
Ms Smith Support Staff Ms Smith
Ms Allison Support Staff Ms Allison
Mrs Appleton Support Staff Mrs Appleton
Ms Chowdhury School Meals Supervisory Assistant Ms Chowdhury
Ms Khan Support Staff Ms Khan
Mr Morris Support Staff Mr Morris
Mr Semmens Support Staff Mr Semmens
Mr Theodorogiannis Catering Team Mr Theodorogiannis
Ms Mohammed Catering Team Ms Mohammed