Golden threads

What do we know? 

The children at The Dolphin School love to engage in global issues impacting the environment. They are fascinated by, and developing respect for, wildlife and habitats. They love opportunities to engage with nature and are passionate activists. 


What do we want? 

We want the children to develop the oracy to speak confidently and passionately about eco-issues. We want to improve our children’s environmental awareness. We want them to engage at a National and International level to become the planet-protectors of the future. 


How will we achieve this? 

The Dolphin School registered with Eco Schools in 2018. Our enquiry-based curriculum covers a wide range of eco issues, giving the children the chance to explore their thoughts and feelings about the future of our planet. We provide in-school recycling bases for plastic writing instruments: highlighters, felt tips, biros and more as well as signposting our local Children’s Scrapstore as our nearest base for recycling reusable waste.  We are working towards achieving an Eco Award to encourage the children to continue in their engagement on this topic.