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The Dolphin School registered with Eco Schools in 2018 and our children have enjoyed the developing journey so far. This year, we hope to continue developing our school economics system to benefit our environment. Our ultimate aim as educators is to raise and improve our children’s environmental awareness and acquire new vocabulary to support this highly talked about subject.

In order to make this an area for our whole school community, we have children from each class who stand as representatives and hold a huge part in driving the changes. This year, we have a larger team in hope that this will help to raise the profile of our plans to achieve a successful ECO school.


Eco Team

As an Eco Team, during our meetings we monitor current actions and discuss future plans. Our ECO board on the first floor of our school is where you can find our work including, the latest audit, latest project and committee minutes.                                   

How you can help drive an Eco-friendly community.

Our local Children’s Scrapstore is our nearest base for recycling reusable waste.

  • Plastic Writing Instruments: Highlighters, felt tips, biros and more.
  • Unwanted pots and pans.

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