Golden threads


What do we know? 

We know that we have many multi-lingual children at The Dolphin School and therefore we support our children in developing a rich mathematical vocabulary. The children at The Dolphin School are enthusiastic mathematicians who develop their fluency and reasoning skills within the mathematical curriculum. Our children arrive at The Dolphin School with an understanding of number and we deepen this understanding thrMathematicianoughout their time at TDS. 

We know a key tool to championing the disadvantaged and empowering children to gain access to great opportunities in life is by developing their oracy and ability to reason through a variety of mathematical contexts. 

What do we want? 

We want our children to have rich oracy skills so they have the ability to discuss mathematical concepts. It is important for our children to see themselves as an able mathematician so they have the confidence to tackle new challenges. We want our children to see mathematics in the wider world so the children see the purpose to learn. We prepare our pupils for their next journey as a mathematician so they can achieve their full potential.   

How will we achieve this? 

At the Dolphin School, our staff promote oracy using sentence stems and key fact recall with actions to ensure all pupils can reason.

Within our lessons, we use assessment for learning strategies such as hinge questions, finger reasoning and all, some, none statements to support our pupils’ learning.

To help overcome the impact of Covid on our children's mathematical understanding, we use Link It activities to identify what knowledge children already hold in maths and what support might be needed to ensure we are closing any evidenct gaps.

As some of our children start TDS with limited experiences of maths in the real world, we use our curriculum to enrich their knowledge of the wider world and community.

To provide our children with timely feedback we use live marking and marking stations to support all pupils.

As a school we use WhiteRose as a spine to plan our small steps of learning.

We know the importance of fact recall so we use TimesTable Rockstars and daily timestable practice in Key Stage 2 classes and Mastering Number sessions from Reception to Year 2 to support our pupils mathematical fluency.

We monitor the practice and progress of all our children whilst placing an intentional focus on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.