What do we know?

We know that the knowledge of computing, the skills in creating and debugging systems and the language of coding are all important now and in the future as technology continues to be a central part of our lives. We know that our children engage in technology every day at home, at school and in the world around them. We know that access to technology can vary across our community.

What do we want?

At The Dolphin School, we want our children to develop a range of computing and IT skills that will carry them through their school life and beyond. We want our children to be leaders, innovators and thinkers in the world of computing to support them in the future in professions that have not yet been created. We want our children to use technology now as a means of supporting their education and furthering their learning. We want to ensure that all children, no matter their background, has equal access to technology. We want children to be safe whilst learning and interacting online.

How will we achieve this?

We aim to achieve this by continuing to provide exciting and engaging activities that capture the imaginations of our children.  We believe that it is essential to give children the tools they need to become safe, responsible and creative citizens in an increasingly digital world.  

As well as discrete computing lessons such as programming or coding, The Dolphin School offers opportunities to use a range of technologies in other subjects, whether it be collecting scientific data on data loggers or creating an animated story using an iPad app. 

Our curriculum has computing opportunities carefully embedded  within it.   We benefit from having a good range of laptops and iPads and children are encouraged to become independent, critical, creative and safe users.