PSHE - Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education

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Including health & Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

At The Dolphin School we believe that all children should have the knowledge and skills to lead confident, safe, healthy and independent lives.  Children at our school will understand how to be a good friend and will have respect for others regardless of race and gender.  We also aim to develop self-confidence and self-esteem in all children to ensure they can make informed decisions regarding personal and social issues.Philosopher

Every week children engage in a discrete PSHE lesson (inspired by the Jigsaw scheme of learning), however PSHE is interwoven throughout all aspects of teaching on a daily basis.  We use a range of different activities such as discussion, problem solving, role play or circle time for children to share ideas and reflect on issues that have been raised in class. Each term will have a different focus; Me in my world, celebrating difference, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships and changing me.

Throughout the year we celebrate a wide range of national days including; anti-bullying week, mental health awareness week, wellbeing week and safer internet day. Furthermore we teach discrete mindfulness activities and encourage the children to use them regularly to self-regulate their emotions.

We invite outside agencies in to talk to the children including school nurse, police and fire service.


our pshe curriculum

The Dolphin School's PSHE curriculum is built around our children's needs, our community context and the National Curriculum objectives. We incorporate resources and lesson activities from “The Jigsaw Programme” in to our teaching and learning.

Through this, we deliver a comprehensive, carefully thought-through scheme of work which brings consistency and progression to our children’s learning in this vital curriculum area. We constantly look to our community to ensure we listen and work together to co-construct an broad and balanced PSHE curriculum. This means we are regularly reflecting on our approach and adapt it where necessary to ensure that we building on children's prior knowledge and link PSHE to our enquiries as well as to learning across our school curriculum and school values. 

We cover all areas of PSHE for the primary phase including statutory Relationships and Health Education.