Faiths, community and culture

Golden threads

Faith Community and Culture

At The Dolphin School we have 40 different nationalities; 7 different religions within our community; 26 different ethnic backgrounds and 24 different languages are spoken.Philosopher

It is very important to us that all our children, families and staff have respect and tolerance for each other’s faiths, beliefs and cultures. We see this variety as rich and exciting. Our Faith, Community and Culture curriculum therefore enables us to celebrate each other through developing an understanding of these faiths.

In terms of curriculum development, there are three statutory aims.
The curriculum should enable all young people to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve;
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives;
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.


Ways in which we celebrate faith, community and culture at The Dolphin School

Cultural Events

  • Black History Month, which is a 3 Week enquiry on BHM and has embedded opportunities through enquiries throughout the year.
  • International Day of Languages
  • Eid Celebration
  • Family Events
  • School Fairs
  • Window Wanderland
  • St Paul’s Carnival
  • Cultural Diversity Day

Whole School Faith Celebrations with our community

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Eid

Whole School Assemblies

  • Religious festivals
  • World celebrations
  • Visitors in to discuss faith, community and culture events
  • Sharing assembly every big term to share the big question


Class Assemblies

  • Religious festivals
  • World Celebrations
  • Bigger Questions once every big term

An example of our assemblies for Term 3


Our RE curriculum for the whole school

Year group



Faith, Community and Culture




1:1, 1.5 and 1.7 and God – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. If you can Sikhism.

1:2 – Jesus - Christianity

1:8 – Iman - Muslim

Year 1

Giving City

Who helps who?

Books and their special meanings.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity

AMV 1.6 - Torah (Jewish)

Qu’ran (Islam)

Bible (Christianity)


Charity within different religions

Vand Chhakna – Sikhism as the main focus

Future City

What might I do in the future?

Invite religious leaders

  • Imam
  • Vicar
  • Humanist

Year 2

Giving City

How can we help?

AMV 1.3 – Love – Christianity


AMV 1.4 – Forgiveness – Christianity

Could also show Why was Muhammad sad when he heard a camel cry?

AMV 1.7 – Islam

AMV 1 – Humanism – Making good choices

My City

What is home?

Refugee Week

15-21 JUNE 2020





AMV 1.5 – Judaism – about God and the Covenant

Year 3

Giving City

How do we help people who need it?

AMV 2.4 Salvation – Christianity

AMV 2 – Right and wrong -Humanism

Future City

Where does the darkness come from?

AMV 1.9 – Hinduism

AMV 2.3 - Hinduism about Dharma, Deity and Atman

Year 4

Future City

Should we all become vegetarian?


AMV 2.1 – Moses - Judaism

AMV 2.2 – Islam

Hinduism, Humanism, Christianity and Muslim

Year 5

Creative City

How can we show what we believe in?

AMV 2.9 – Hinduism

AMV 2.10 and 2.11 – Christianity

AMV 2 - Humanism

Faith Comparison – Hinduism, Muslim, Jewish etc.

Year 6

Giving City

How are lives saved?

AMV 2.11 - Incarnation – Christianity

Hinduism, incarnation generally refers to an avatar of Vishnu or Ganesh. AMV 2.9 Story of Ganesh

My City

How do we all live together?

AMV 2.12 Love - Agape – Christianity

AMV 2 – How do Humanists live?

Refugee Week - 15-21 JUNE 2020


Big Questions



Areas you could cover



How can other people’s lives inspire us?

  • Role Models (EYFS and Year 1)
  • Family (Year 2)
  • Religions who do not worship a God (Year 3 - Humanism)
  • 7 saints of St Paul’s (Year 4)
  • Gods (Year 5)
  • Karma (Year 6)


Why are words important?

  • Love – Agapa, Christianity and Valentine’s Day
  • P.E.Ts
  • Books – Qu’ran, Torah, Bible and other books
  • Prayers
  • Speeches (anti-bullying)
  • Own opinion and how we share our own opinion
  • Commandments


What is the golden rule?

  • 5 pillars of Islam
  • Charity among other religions
  • Caring for the World we live in and what we leave behind
  • Equality
  • 10 commandments