Golden threads


What do we know? 

We know that children at The Dolphin School come from a diverse background of ethnicities, faiths and cultures and take pride in their community and identity. We know that they bring with them a range of artistic abilities and experiences which they deserve to broaden and develop with confidence. 

What do we want? 

We want to provide children with the opportunity to explore their identity, the community in which they live and the history and culture of their local area. Our intention is for all children to leave our school having explored and developed a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. To have celebrated and nourished their creativity and to have the language and understanding to discuss and reflect upon a piece of artwork. We want our children to see themselves and their community represented in their art curriculum so that they are engaged as artists now and in the future. 

How will we achieve it? 

We achieve this by celebrating all artwork that we create. We are proud of our achievement in being awarded the school’s Artsmark. We provide our children with opportunities to work with local artists, visit local galleries and museums and take part in local arts events. We also ensure that, throughout their journey at The Dolphin School, children learn about iconic artists from a variety backgrounds, genders and ethnicities. 


At the Dolphin School our enquiry based curriculum is designed so that the arts are woven throughout the children’s learning. 

Many of our enquiry questions provide children with rich and varied art experiences from designing and making hats, dresses and carnival costumes to producing and exhibiting their own sculptures, paintings and photography. 

Often our arts provision will have a community emphasis which aims to celebrate our diverse identity as a school. Our Year 5 enquiry ‘Why Do We Celebrate Carnival?’ involves the children designing and making their own carnival costumes and performing music and dance at St Paul’s carnival. Where possible, we aim to engage with local artists and take the children out into our surrounding area to explore the exciting variety of art on our doorstep.